• Once you submit an application and are fingerprinted, you can check on the fingerprint processing timeline at the NC State Bureau of Investigation’s website.
  • Do not contact the State Bureau of Investigation to find out your background check status.
  • Provider Number Codes are determined by the type of background check requested. To work in NC use Appinitapp and to work in another state use OutStateapp.
  • If you are seeking a background check for purposes other than working in a licensed child care facility or family child care home, please consult DSS.
  • Login to ABCMS is controlled by NCID; if you need assistance with logging in or password assistance, please contact ncid.nc.gov or 919.754.6000
  • Emails may be received from noreply@innovativearchitects.com or DHHS.CBC.Unit@dhhs.nc.gov with status updates or requests for additional information. These are NOT spam and contain important information.